Redukce váhy s Osobním trenérem

Weight Reduction

Overweight or even obesity, unfortunately, is one of today's civilization diseases. Whether you are having a few extra kilos or having a real health problem caused by overweight, we will help you achieve optimal body weight and constitution.

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The aim of this program is to reduce body weight, the proportion of fat in the body, and solve all the problems that are in most cases linked to overweight.

The program is designed for everyone.  It’s performed under the supervision of a dietitian (initial examination, creating daily menus, herbs etc.) and a doctor, if the patient's health requires it.

The intensity of the training is adapted to the current condition, so don’t worry that we’d discourage you at the first lesson. Our goal is to ensure a long-term change in your lifestyle, losing weight slowly and in accordance with established rules, so that we avoid a yo-yo effect.