Tradiční čínská medicína a Jóga

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Yoga


Chinese medicine is one of the oldest healing modalities. Its history dates back more than 4000 years. It is entirely unique in its holistic approach to human health. It can help with a number of civilization diseases. The advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is that it treats the cause, not just the symptoms.

TCM may help with hypertension, diabetes, infertility, indigestion, chronic fatigue, mental health problems, back or neck pain and many other problems.

After an initial examination according to the principles of TCM (i.e. initial consultation, tongue and pulse examination) I’ll prepare an individual therapeutic plan. I use acupuncture and herbs for therapy.

Each therapeutic session lasts 60 minutes. The ideal frequency is 1-2 times a week.


Group lessons

If you feel like joining for some yoga, I’ll be happy to welcome you at one of our regular yoga classes. You can pop in anytime. Just choose one of following days and times and then book your chosen slot online.


Our yoga classes schedule

Tuesday                     1:30-2:30pm
Wednesday               1-2pm
Friday                         7-8pm

Yoga classes take place at Fitness Action, Štúrova 1284/20, Praha 4. The maximum group capacity is 15 people per class. This guarantees comfort, quality and deep yoga experience.


One-to-one yoga session

The advantage of individual session is the opportunity to exercise  at peace and according to your own schedule. I tailor each session to fit your exact needs and your current health state. The chosen asanas will have an effect on your weakest organs. Our aim to harmonize both, your health and your mental state.

Home and work visits available upon request.