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With our clients, we focus on a complex lifestyle changes. This involves eating habits, movement and mental well-being. Our team of experts on various aspects of healthy and happy life is ready to support you too!

Vladimír Hirka

I’ve been working as a personal fitness and yoga trainer, as well as a nutritionist for nearly 20 years. My broad range of services also includes herbal therapy and acupuncture. I offer complex healthy lifestyle services to people of all ages and sport levels.

I used to do bodybuilding in my youth. In 2001 I won a bronze medal in the Czech Bodybuilding Championship. Since 1998 I’ve been working as a personal trainer. I have worked with over 1,300 clients during 19 years. I’ve studied with major schools for trainers and gained a dietician certification. Currently, I’m studying Chinese medicine, working with top athletes, training with well-known actors, singers or moderators. I’m sharing my rich experience as a professional assistant at the Improve Academy training school and I’m also a co-author of the book Aby nám bylo fajn (To Be Fit and Feel Fine). I like to complement my training with yoga and qigong. My hobbies include relaxation, suggestions and meditation.


Denisa Chadimová

Nutritionist, Trainer


Bc. Eva Mackanič




PhDr. Hana Dolenská