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Helena Vondráčková

I‘ve been working with Helena for over four years. Her training includes classical and rehabilitative exercises, plus acupuncture and herbs. Helena is one of the most hard-working clients and we both enjoy working together.

Jitka Asterová

Jitka has been my client for over a decade now. During this time, she has made tremendous progress; lost weight, got in shape and she feels great. Recently, we have also added yoga to her training.

Lou Fanánek Hagen

The result of our 10-year cooperation is not only the total loss of 20kg of fat, but also the overall health improvement.  Thanks to good diet and respecting the advice given, there was no yo-yo effect. Lou Fanánek still maintains optimum weight. His maximum performance in bench-press is 155 kg!

Lukáš Pavlásek

We’ve been working together for several years. During this time his body posture and overall shape has significantly improved. He has already lost 5kg of fat.

Miloš Pokorný

Our journey with Miloš has started just over 10 years ago. He reached out to me with a goal to lose some weight, get in shape and improve fitness. Our strategy incorporated not only a training plan, but also a diet plan according to Western and Eastern medicine.

Zdeněk Podhůrský

Zdeňek has been my client over 10 years. We’ve been focusing on gaining muscle mass and body shaping. We’ve complemented his workout routine with a diet plan according to Western and Eastern medicine.

Lose Weight for Summer Swimsuit Season with VZP (Zhubni do plavek s VZP)

The competition, which was held in 2008-2011, was designed especially for those who had never worked out in a gym, had a desire to start, but lacked the necessary information and expert guidance. I participated in the competition as a chief trainer, a professional auspices and I also created a diet plan for the contestants.

Based on the proven methodological guidelines I have compiled, the contestants trained for the eight-week semi-final in the partner gyms. They could train either individually or in case of interest under the supervision of coaches. After the semifinals, 10 finalists were selected based on results achieved. The short-listed candidates then completed another four weeks of practice under the supervision of professional trainers. The finalists were also trained by celebrities such as: Lou Fanánek Hagen, Zdeněk Podhůrský, Jitka Asterová, or Miloš Pokorný from the Těžkej Pokondr duo. The absolute winner was selected by the jury according to the results in total weight loss and the reduction of the waist circumference, according to the photos of the finalists in a swimsuit before and after the competition. The contestants’ effort and disposition to transform their shape was also an important criterion for the final placement.