Cvičení venku s Osobním trenérem

Outdoor Workout

Take an advantage of seasonal fitness training outdoors!

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The training session is very similar to the one in the gym. The only difference is that we can use the surrounding and whatever we bring along – yoga mats, TRX Suspension Trainer, rubber expander etc. We start with jogging, jumping or boxer’s running to warm up. This is followed by scapula stabilization, activation of the deep stabilization system (abdominal roller), breathing routine practice on a yoga mat, and then the main training unit.

We also like to include sprints, stairs or hills, leapfrog. We simply use the free space outdoors. We often go to parks with a playground (given there aren’t too many children out there!), which we can use very well for training.

Outdoor training is usually possible from April to October, depending on the weather.

The OUTDOOR WORKOUT program presents a refreshing change and a very entertaining alternative to exercise in the gym. Outdoor training is full-bodied and features modern fitness elements.