Výživové poradenství


This program is for those who are experiencing weight gain, tiredness and some health issues. The intention of this program is to incorporate the individual client’s goal (body shaping, weight loss) into his health optimization.

I always aim to design the diet plan in such a way that it respects not only the client’s goal, but also his taste preferences. When revising the client’s current and creating new diet plan, there’s a link between the Eastern and Western diets. The diet is designed to respect the appropriate ratio of micro and macro-nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins), and is supplemented with the right thermodynamics (energy) of food, thus ensuring optimal health effects.

The course of the program is regularly monitored and checked. The client records his progress and maintenance of the diet and the notes are being continuously consulted.

It‘s usually recommended to combine this program with some form of exercise.

Designing diet plan according to Western and Eastern medicine 

The aim is to link Eastern and Western dietology to meet the client's goal and maximize his health state. The program is complemented by herbs and nutritional supplements.


Eastern part:

Initial examination according to TCM
Diagnosis according to TCM
Choosing the right foods to promote health
The program is complemented by herbs according to the individual diagnosis and health state. 


Western part:

Initial consultation
Body analysis using bio impedance scale Tanita Goal setting Diet plan incorporating foods according to TCM Food supplements recommendation according to the current health state