Tvarování postavy s fitness trenérem

Body Shaping

Would you like to have a stronger and more stable body? Do you need to knock off a couple of kilos and put on pure muscle? Or just tone your belly and shrink your butt?

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The aim of this program is to strengthen and shape the body (reduce weight) according to the client's wishes, while maintaining health continuity. The program is designed especially for people who suffer from civilization problems (overweight, back pain, stress, fatigue). The training can also focus on recreational and top sport compensation. The program can be set for virtually everyone; the intensity of the workout and the choice of exercises differ according to each person’s health and age.

The training itself is preceded by examination of the musculoskeletal system and diagnostics according to Traditional Chinese medicine. If the client’s health state requires, the program is supplemented by a doctor's examination.

The workout consists of a combination of rehabilitation exercises, classical fitness exercises and yoga elements. We use TRX (hanging system), kettlebell (ball-shaped dumbbell with triangular handle), bosu balance trainer, and balloon. Training frequency, of course, depends on the client’s health and the target set.  It’s optimal to exercise for 60 minutes 2-3 times a week on average.